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The goal of this article is to help you to bootstrap your knowledge in statistics and R programming language whatever your current level is.

It has been created thanks to a French MOOC called “Introduction to statistics using R” created by Professor Bruno Fallisard from Paris-Sud university and Christophe Lalanne from Paris-Diderot university. It has been developed using RMarkdown and source code is available on GitHub so please don’t hesitate to enhance it! The dataset is the top 250 movies ranked on IMDb site, you have to download it to follow this guide.

This guide was republished on r-bloggers with permission (by the way, r-bloggers is a good blog to follow!).

Happy analysis!

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After the publication of the study “A Brief History of Digital Analytics”, I wrote in France several articles on specialized websites.

Here are the title and link to them: : :

Don’t hesitate if you have feedbacks or others ideas of article.

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The purpose of the present study is to retrace the history of digital analytics, the main events that shaped its evolution and to try to predict the upcoming trends.It focuses on quantitative analysis of data for advertisers.

It is intended for both beginners and advanced marketers – with strong or no technical skills at all – who wish to develop their digital analytics culture by (re)discovering its history.

It is composed of 16 main parts to which you can access using theses links…

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